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American Film Archive is an online educational resource for filmmakers seeking to safeguard their moving image / video data for long-term preservation.  Here is a brief description of each section of our website.
Preservation - Offers an introduction to some of the issues that filmmakers need to consider in developing a preservation strategy for their moving image / digital video collection.
Reports - Offers web links to online informational resources that deal with preservation issues, technology and practical advice from various journals, books, articles and guides.
Home Movies - A basic introduction about preserving your Home Movie collection.
Archive - Showcases an example of a contemporary digital video archive that utilizes a basic metadata / database online platform. 
Website Links - Provides URL links to companies, organizations, universities and archives that provide additional information to filmmakers seeking solutions to their motion picture / digital video preservation needs.

Collection - The American Film Archive has over one million feet of historical footage shot during the 1920s to 1960s from many worldwide locations. Country specific locations in the archive collection include; United States, United Kingdom, West Germany, France, Japan, China, India, Soviet Union, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Austria, Portugal, Canada, Morocco, Israel, Denmark, Philippines, Finland, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Columbia, Venezuela, Panama, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Cambodia, Indonesia, Macao, Netherlands, Vatican, Greece, Syria, Lebanon, Oman and Fiji.
Please reach out to us with your comments and expertise so that we can share information to the film / video community worldwide.

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